A short story collection

The Best Present

Becky didn’t believe that she had guardian angel, she had been so excited, Mum had always got her the latest trend for Christmas and she believed that this year would be no exception, even though things had been different. She had seen how hard mum worked with all the overtime.  When it came to opening her gifts she couldn’t see anything that matched what she was expecting and she couldn’t hide her disappointment.   She didn’t notice how upset mum was. ‘Christmas was going to be awful she thought, the only highlight would be when her cousin Jane came round, although she will probably be showing off the gift Becky wanted.

 When Jane arrived she looked even sadder than Becky and she had got the coveted present.  Becky couldn’t understand it Jane took one look at what Becky had and told her that she had the best present ever.  “How can you say that?” Becky asked.  “Because your mum worked overtime to make that for you, it’s beautiful and timeless and my gift for all it cost my parents broke so quickly”.

 Becky realized how daft she’d been she may not have got what she wanted but it was what she needed.  Money had been hard this last year and the best present ever was the giving of love and dedication.


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