A short story collection

The Unseen Allies

It had been a difficult year for Jean, she missed Bob, his passing was a shock.  During the long summer days she had managed to busy herself with the garden.  Her grandchildren had giggled a bit at her garden ornaments; secretly they loved the variety of fairies accompanying Bob’s elves.  The sound of the wind chimes gave it a magical feel.  It had given Jean a sense of fun and helped her forget about her loneliness.

 When the winter came life was harder with the heavy snow and ice that didn’t seem to go away.  She was unable to lift the wheelbarrow as it had all the dug out earth in it.  She managed to cope with Christmas and just before New Year’s Day she looked out to see if any snow had thawed.  It puzzled her to see that a large branch was lying across the top of the path near an icy patch and the nearby wheelbarrow was knocked over, even the wind couldn’t have managed that.

 She found out later that some burglars had been in the area and she realized their attempts to break into her house had been unwittingly foiled.  They must have slipped on the ice and tripped on the branch.  That night she had the most fabulous dream about garden elves and fairies having lots of fun and mischeaveny in her garden, she felt young again and that she was being watched over.  She awoke feeling happy, remembering the magic of the world and she was grateful for all the miracles no matter if they are big or small.


Elle May © 


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